How To File For Divorce In Arkansas Without A Lawyer?

1. Obtain a copy of the divorce packet from the county clerk’s office. The packet contains the forms and information you will need to file for divorce.

2. Fill out the applicable forms. Fill out the Complaint for Divorce, which is the form that starts the divorce proceedings, and the Financial Affidavit, which itemizes your assets and liabilities. Both forms must be signed and notarized.

3. File the forms with the county clerk. Include a copy of your marriage license, a copy of the completed Financial Affidavit, and the filing fee.

4. Serve the other spouse. You must serve your spouse with a copy of the Complaint for Divorce. You will need to use a process server or have a deputy sheriff serve it.

5. Attend the hearing. You will need to attend the hearing with your spouse. During the hearing, the court will look at both parties’ financial evidence, hear testimony, and make a ruling.

Advantages of Filing for Divorce Without a Lawyer

There are several advantages of filing for divorce without a lawyer in Arkansas. First, it is significantly cheaper. Without a lawyer, you will only have to pay the filing fee. Second, you will have direct control over the process. Without a lawyer, you will be in charge of every step of the process. Third, the process is much faster. Without a lawyer, you can file and attend the hearing in a matter of weeks.

Consequences of Filing for Divorce Without a Lawyer

One of the biggest risks of filing for divorce without a lawyer in Arkansas is that you may not understand the laws and regulations. This can lead to mistakes that can result in serious consequences. Additionally, if you do not understand the financial ramifications of a divorce, it could lead to unfavorable outcomes. Lastly, if you do not file the forms in a timely manner, the court may dismiss your case.

Overall, filing for divorce without a lawyer in Arkansas can save you time and money. However, you must be aware of the potential risks and make sure that you fill out all the forms correctly.

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