How To Become A Lawyer In Ghana?

The legal system in Ghana is highly developed and has a robust legal structure. Becoming a lawyer in Ghana is no small feat and requires dedication and commitment to the profession. There are a few steps you must take to gain admission and practice law in Ghana.

To become a lawyer in Ghana, you must first complete a Bachelor of Law degree. This degree is offered by various universities and law schools in Ghana and typically takes three to four years to complete. After that, you must pass the bar examination administered by the General Legal Council in Ghana. This exam is rigorous and assesses the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the law and its application. Following the successful completion of the bar exam, applicants are required to serve a one year pupillage at a law firm.

While the path to becoming a lawyer in Ghana is both rewarding and challenging, there are some potential drawbacks and challenges associated with the profession. For instance, the cost of acquiring a law degree can be quite high. Additionally, the competition for admission to law schools in Ghana is high. Lastly, many practicing lawyers in Ghana have limited resources and a low income.

The legal profession in Ghana has a long and interesting history. In 1875, the first law school in the country, the Accra Law School, was established. The school was part of a larger effort to amateur African youth to acquire legal knowledge. This effort was spearheaded by the British colonial government of the time. By 1945, only 25 African lawyers had graduated from the Accra Law School and were practicing in the country.

Today, the legal profession has grown considerably in Ghana. There are over 3,000 lawyers currently practicing in the country and many more who are in the process of becoming lawyers. With the right education, hard work, and dedication, becoming a lawyer in Ghana is achievable.

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