Steps to Becoming a Lawyer in Ghana

Steps to Becoming a Lawyer in Ghana

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In order to become a lawyer in Ghana, you must obtain a degree from a recognized institution of higher learning, usually a university. In addition, you must complete a professional qualification program and pass the Ghana Bar Exams. After passing the bar exam, you can become a lawyer and practice in courts in Ghana.

Field of Study

In order to become a lawyer, you need to study law in a Ghanaian institution of higher learning. The minimum entry requirement is a Senior High School Certificate with at least passes in six (6) subjects including English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science, and three (3) of the following elective subjects: Government, Economics, Geography, and Elective Mathematics.


As a lawyer, you can choose to specialize in a particular field like family law, corporate law, criminal law, or taxation law. This can be done by taking short courses or pursuing a post-graduate degree in the relevant field after obtaining the basic law qualification.

Wages for Lawyers in Ghana

Lawyers in Ghana are highly paid and their remuneration depends on their field of specialization, level of experience, and the amount of work they handle. Generally, lawyers in Ghana earn an average salary of GHC17,000 per month.

Foreign Nationals Becoming Lawyers in Ghana

Foreign nationals can become lawyers in Ghana, provided that they have obtained a degree from a recognized university, meet the requirements of the Ghana Bar Exams, and are registered with the General Legal Council. It should be noted that in most cases, a foreign national must obtain a work permit before they can practice law in Ghana.

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