Exploring the Number of Lawyers in Congress

Exploring the Number of Lawyers in Congress

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  1. Number of Attorneys in Congress
  2. Legal Counsel in Congress
  3. What Do Lawyers Do in Congress?

Number of Attorneys in Congress

As of 2020, there are more than 727 lawyers serving in Congress. Of these 727 lawyers, there are currently 100 United States senators who are attorneys. That means that one out of every three federal senators is a lawyer.

Despite the fact that over 727 lawyers are serving in Congress, this number is only a fraction of the total number of lawyers employed by the U.S. government. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) estimates that the federal government currently employs approximately 20,000 attorneys. This number is expected to grow due to the number of new attorneys being hired by the federal government each year.

Legal Counsel in Congress

In addition to the attorneys serving in Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. government also employs a substantial number of legal counsels. These legal counsels are responsible for providing advice to congressional committees, members of Congress, and other congressional staff.

Congressional legal counsels are generally appointed by either House or Senate leadership and serve in an advisory capacity. They are expected to provide legal advice on matters ranging from national security to international trade. In addition, they are also responsible for providing advice on the interpretation of laws and regulations.

What Do Lawyers Do in Congress?

In addition to providing legal counsel, lawyers in Congress are also responsible for a variety of other tasks. For instance, lawyers in Congress are often tasked with drafting legislation, researching legal issues, and representing congressional interests in court. Furthermore, attorneys in Congress are also responsible for working with congressional staff to ensure that legislative objectives are accomplished.

In addition to their legal duties, lawyers in Congress also engage in a variety of other activities. For instance, attorneys in Congress are often invited to participate in various congressional hearings, debates, and other activities where their legal expertise is needed. Additionally, attorneys in Congress also often engage in lobbying efforts and represent the interests of their constituents.

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