Marshall Lawyered How I Met Your Mother?

Marshall Eriksen, a central character in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, is an environmental lawyer. He is portrayed as a lovable yet often clumsy character, whose knowledge of the law often saves the day. The show often centers around his legal acumen and how it can help his friends out of a difficult situation. Marshall’s application of the law, fondly known as “Marshall Lawyering”, has become an iconic element of the show and a beloved part of the character.

Advantages of Marshall Lawyering

1. Expertise: Marshall is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, meaning his advice is often spot on and legally sound.

2. Clarity: His explanations of the law are always simplified and easy to follow, making them accessible to the layman.

3. Humor: Marshall’s legal advice is often presented in a humorous and entertaining way, making it both enjoyable and informative.

4. Resourceful: Marshall often finds creative ways to twist the law to achieve the desired result, such as when he helped Barney successfully sue a tanning salon for giving him third degree burns.

5. Insight: Marshall is able to provide insight into the law, often uncovering information that others may have missed or overlooked.

6. Selflessness: Marshall puts the needs of his friends above his own and is willing to go to great lengths to help them, regardless of the laws or consequences.

7. Adaptability: Marshall is able to adapt his legal advice and arguments to fit new and unpredictable situations, such as when he was able to use the law to help Robin and Ted win a game show.

8. Leadership: Despite his clumsiness, Marshall is a great leader who is able to think on his feet and take charge of a situation when necessary.

Overall, Marshall Lawyering has become an iconic part of How I Met Your Mother and has made Marshall Eriksen a beloved and memorable character. His legal acumen and clever use of the law have helped his friends out of tough spots and provided viewers with a unique and often humorous view of the law.

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