How To Sue An Attorney For Breach Of Contract?

No one wants to sue an attorney they have a contract with, especially because it can be a lengthy and expensive process. But if the lawyer has breached the contract, suing may be the only recourse to get your rights back. To successfully sue, it is important to understand the legal process and requirements for filing a lawsuit.

Steps for Suing an Attorney for Breach of Contract

1. Hire Another Lawyer: In order to bring a lawsuit, it is best to consult with another lawyer who is specialized in the particular area of law. An experienced lawyer can help evaluate the facts of the case and discuss any potential legal claims.

2. Gather and Organize Evidence: The lawyer you hired will need evidence to prove that the attorney breached the contract. This may include emails, text messages, written contracts, correspondence, or other documents that prove the attorney’s breach. Make sure to keep all of the evidence in a secure place so it is easily accessible.

3. Negotiate: Most of the time, before filing a lawsuit, the two parties will try to negotiate a resolution. Negotiations typically involve the exchange of information and discussion of outcomes. If the negotiations don’t result in a resolution, the next step is to file a lawsuit.

4. File a Lawsuit: Once the other party has been notified of the lawsuit, the court will set a hearing date. The attorney will file the complaint and answer any questions the court may have.

Consequences of Filing a Lawsuit Incorrectly

Filing a lawsuit incorrectly can have serious consequences. If the court finds that the lawsuit was frivolous or without merit, it can result in monetary sanctions or a dismissal of the case. Additionally, if the attorney is found guilty, the court can order the attorney to cover the plaintiff’s legal fees and damages.


Understanding the legal process and requirements for suing an attorney for breach of contract is the key to success. Consulting with an experienced lawyer is essential to evaluate the facts of the case and discuss any potential legal claims. Gathering and organizing evidence before filing a lawsuit is also important to ensure all of the documentation is in order. Negotiations may be necessary before filing a lawsuit, but if unsuccessful, filing a lawsuit is the next best step. Doing so incorrectly can lead to serious consequences, so it is important to understand the process.

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