How To Be A Lawyer In Zimbabwe?

Becoming a Lawyer in Zimbabwe

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Qualifications for Being a Lawyer in Zimbabwe

To be a lawyer in Zimbabwe, one must have a four-year law degree from an accredited institution. The law degree must be obtained from either the University of Zimbabwe or Zimbabwe Open University. In addition to the degree, applicants must also have completed the Practicing Certificate Examinations which are conducted by the Law Society of Zimbabwe. This is a two-part examination that covers both substantive and procedural law.

Universities Offering Law in Zimbabwe

The two universities offering law degrees in Zimbabwe are the University of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Open University. The University of Zimbabwe offers an LLB degree which is a four-year program. The Zimbabwe Open University offers an LLB degree which is an online program offered over two years.

What is Needed to Study Law in Zimbabwe

In order to study law in Zimbabwe, one must have at least five O-Levels (Ordinary Level) passes and two A-Levels (Advanced Level) passes. These should be in relevant subjects such as English, history, geography, business studies and religion. Students may also need to have completed a Foundation Course to gain entry into the university.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Lawyer in Zimbabwe?

It takes approximately five to six years to become a lawyer in Zimbabwe. This includes four years to obtain a law degree, a year to write and pass the Practicing Certificate Examinations, and another year to obtain admission to the bar as a lawyer. All in all, it takes between five and six years to become a lawyer in Zimbabwe.

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  1. It is worth noting that the process of becoming a lawyer in Zimbabwe is not as straightforward as it may appear. I believe it is time to consider alternative routes to enter the profession, as they may be more suitable than the current process.

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