How Much Money Does A Lawyer?

How Much Money Does A Lawyer?

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Average Salary

The average salary for a lawyer in the United States is about $122,960 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is based on a sample of more than 61,000 lawyers and includes all types of lawyers. Of course, the actual salary depends on the type of law a lawyer practices, the size of the firm or organization they work in, and the geographical location of their practice.

Highest Paying Lawyers

The highest paying lawyers are corporate lawyers and partners at large law firms. Corporate lawyers typically earn the highest salaries at large law firms, and partners at those firms typically earn the most. According to the BLS, the top 10 percent of lawyers made an average of $208,000 in 2018.


Most lawyers have a good amount of money, but it depends on the type of practice they have. Lawyers typically have a good amount of money saved, but many do not become wealthy unless they are partners at large law firms or have their own successful practices. According to the American Bar Association, lawyers typically earn more money as they gain experience and move up the ranks of their law firms.

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