How Much Is Malpractice Insurance For Lawyers?

The Cost of Malpractice Insurance for Lawyers

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Malpractice insurance is an important tool for attorneys, ensuring that they are protected from financial losses due to mistakes or negligence. This insurance covers the legal costs of defending against malpractice claims, as well as any judgments or settlements that may be awarded. It can also cover lost wages, lost business opportunities, and other expenses associated with a malpractice claim.

California Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4 2 A

In California, attorneys are required to have malpractice insurance by Rule 1.4 2 A of the California Rules of Professional Conduct. This rule states that an attorney must maintain malpractice insurance with an amount of coverage that is “at least sufficient to reasonably protect the attorney’s clients.” The amount of malpractice insurance an attorney must have depends on the type of practice, the size of the firm, and the number of clients they serve.

Costs of Malpractice Insurance

The cost of malpractice insurance will vary depending on the type of practice, the size of the firm, and the number of clients served. Generally, lawyers who handle complex cases, such as medical malpractice or class action lawsuits, will pay more for malpractice insurance. In California, lawyers can expect to pay between $1,000 and $10,000 per year for malpractice insurance.

Requirements for California Lawyers

In California, all attorneys are required to maintain malpractice insurance. The California State Bar requires attorneys to provide proof of malpractice insurance when they apply for admission to the bar, and attorneys must renew their malpractice insurance every year. Failing to comply with the requirements can result in suspension or disbarment.

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  1. I see increasing malpractice insurance costs as a burden on lawyers. Perhaps improving knowledge/standards of legal practice would be an effective way to help reduce these costs.

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