The Average Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in NC

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Attorney Fees for Divorce in NC

The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer in North Carolina can vary widely. Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere from $250 – $500 per hour for divorce attorney services. However, if the divorce is contested or if there are complicated issues involved, the cost could be much higher. When possible, it is recommended to try to negotiate a flat fee with your attorney so that you can get an idea of what your total cost will be up front.

Average Cost for a Lawyer in a Divorce Case

The average cost of an attorney in a divorce case in North Carolina is around $3,000 – $5,000. This cost can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the experience level of the attorney, and the amount of time that the attorney needs to dedicate to your case.

Is NC a 50/50 State for Divorce?

North Carolina is not a 50/50 state for divorce. In North Carolina, the court will consider a number of factors when determining how to divide marital property. These factors include the length of the marriage, the contribution of each spouse to the marriage (including non-monetary contributions), the age and health of each spouse, and the marital misconduct of either spouse.

How Much Does it Cost to File Divorce in NC?

The cost to file for a divorce in North Carolina is $225. This fee must be paid when filing the initial petition. The court may also require additional fees for hearing and other court costs, depending on the complexity of the case.

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  1. It’s no secret that divorces can cost a pretty penny in NC. Thankfully, a quality divorce lawyer can help make the process easier while saving money. Good lawyers provide valuable experience and can anticipate outcomes, leading to better decisions.

  2. I’m not convinced that costs for an NC divorce lawyer are relatively fixed. It’s possible that fees could depend on the complexity of the case.

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