The Salary of a Corporate Lawyer

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Types of Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers specialize in legal issues related to businesses. The two main types of corporate lawyers are transactional lawyers and litigation lawyers. Transactional lawyers are responsible for negotiating and drafting contracts, such as employment agreements, mergers and acquisitions, financing documents, and shareholder agreements. Litigation lawyers handle disputes between organizations, including class-action lawsuits, patent infringement cases, and other legal matters.

Average Salary of Corporate Lawyers

The average salary for a corporate lawyer varies depending on the experience level, geographic location, and size of the firm. According to PayScale, the median annual salary for a corporate lawyer is $155,521. Corporate lawyers in New York City and Los Angeles typically earn the highest salaries, while those in smaller cities and rural areas typically earn lower salaries.

Top-Paid Corporate Lawyers

The highest paid corporate lawyers are those who represent top Fortune 500 companies, have extensive experience in the field, and have a successful track record of winning cases and negotiating deals. Top corporate lawyers can make seven-figure salaries.

Corporate Lawyers in Los Angeles

Corporate lawyers in Los Angeles typically earn higher salaries than in other cities due to the high cost of living and larger job market. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles is $158,986 per year. The top-paid corporate lawyers in Los Angeles can make salaries of up to $2 million or more per year.

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