How Much Do Ssi Disability Lawyers Charge?

The Cost of SSI Disability Lawyer Fees

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Social Security Income (SSI) is a type of disability benefit available to people who are blind, disabled, or who are over 65 and have limited income and resources. Benefits are paid from the Social Security Trust Fund, which is funded through payroll taxes. The amount of SSI a person can receive depends on the person’s financial situation and other factors, such as their age and medical condition.


A lawyer who specializes in handling disability cases can help a person determine if they are eligible for SSI benefits, assist them in applying for benefits, and represent them in the appeals process if their application is denied. A disability lawyer can also provide advice on how to navigate the Social Security system, including how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.


Most disability lawyers charge a fee for their services. The fee is usually a percentage of the total amount of SSI benefits the person is awarded. The fee is limited to the lesser of 25% of the back pay, or $6,000. This means that the most a disability lawyer can charge is $6,000, no matter how much a person is awarded in back pay. It is important to note that this fee is only charged if the lawyer is successful in getting the person’s claim approved.

Most Approved Disabilities

The most commonly approved disability claims are for physical conditions like arthritis and back pain, as well as mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In some cases, other disabilities like vision or hearing impairments, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain can also qualify.

Disability Interview

When applying for disability benefits, it is important to be honest and accurate in the information that is provided. Be prepared to answer questions about the applicant’s medical condition, including details about medications and treatments. It is important to not exaggerate or downplay the extent of the condition, as this can result in a denial of benefits.

What Disqualifies a Person from Disability?

The Social Security Administration will look at a person’s work history and current financial situation when determining eligibility for disability benefits. If a person is currently employed and earning more than a certain amount, they may not qualify for benefits. Additionally, if a person is found to be engaging in fraud or misrepresenting their condition, they may be disqualified.

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