How Long Does A Lawyer Go To School For?

How Long Does Law School Take?

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  1. Overview
  2. Education Requirements
  3. Difficulty of Becoming a Lawyer
  4. Highest-Paying Areas of Law
  5. Age of Becoming a Lawyer


Becoming a lawyer is a long process that requires hard work and dedication. The amount of schooling needed for a lawyer is dependent on the area of law they’ll be practicing, but most lawyers go to school for a minimum of seven years. During this time, they’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree, pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and go through three years of law school. After law school, lawyers must pass their state’s bar exam in order to become licensed and start practicing law.

Education Requirements

In order to become a lawyer, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree, which usually takes four years. After this, they must take the LSAT in order to be accepted into a law school. After obtaining their bachelor’s degree, law school usually takes three more years to complete. During law school, students will take courses such as contract law, civil procedure, legal ethics, constitutional law, and more.

Difficulty of Becoming a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is a difficult process, as it requires hard work and dedication. In addition to studying for the LSAT, law students must also keep up with their classes and studies in order to pass their exams and graduate. Once they graduate, they must then pass their state’s bar exam in order to practice law. This involves studying for multiple days while taking a lengthy exam.

Highest-Paying Areas of Law

The type of lawyer that makes the most money depends on the type of law they practice. For example, corporate lawyers make a good salary, as do those who specialize in tax law, intellectual property law, or antitrust law. Lawyers who specialize in medical law, family law, or employment law also make good salaries, depending on the size of their law firm and client base.

Age of Becoming a Lawyer

The age of becoming a lawyer varies from person to person. Generally, most people become lawyers in their late 20s or early 30s, as this is when they have typically completed their bachelor’s degree, LSAT, and law school requirements. However, some people may become lawyers sooner if they have accelerated their studies or taken other measures to speed up the process.

3 thoughts on “How Long Does Law School Take?”

  1. SkilledAdvocate

    Completing a law degree certainly takes a significant commitment – I totally agree that it takes at least 7 years of dedicated schooling to become a lawyer. This includes graduating from an accredited college, passing the bar exam, and many hours of continuing legal education.

  2. SkilledCounsel

    Completely agree, law school is typically a 3 year commitment. Even with a rigorous schedule to save time, it can be a long endeavor.

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